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On-site service and maintenance


At Fans and Blowers we are now able to offer “on-site” service and maintenance of our centrifugal gas and air fans, when removal from site for process reasons is not appropriate. Utile Engineering, our new on-site, service partner is able to provide efficient maintenance requirements including bearing and seal replacement, system balancing and pressure testing to the required standard with relevant Declaration of Conformity.

James Newey, Managing Director
“Our business is moving forward at pace in 2022, and we are proud to have Utile Engineering join our strategic maintenance program. We have worked with Utile Engineering for the last 20 years and I am proud to announce our new maintenance partnership agreement for 2022 and beyond.”

For more information about our servicing and maintenance plans please visit our servicing page here. If you require maintenance or support please contact the Fans and Blowers team on: 01278784004 or email [email protected]

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