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    Food Industry

    The Food Industry’s requirement for fans can be diverse and multi-faceted. Fans and Blowers have worked with a number of customers to provide bespoke solutions in the Food industry.

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Food Industry

The Food Industry’s requirements for fans can be diverse and multi-faced. Fans and Blowers have worked with several customers to provide bespoke centrifugal fan solutions in the industrial and commercial Food industry, with Industrial Bakeries in particular. Our industrial fan products can also be used for food industries to provide efficient ventilation such as in the fast food industry.

Use of our products, however, is not limited and a fan solution can be required for Dust & Fume Extraction, Packaging, Drying or Temperature Control, amongst others.

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing industrial centrifugal fans to be used in the food industry, we have a vast wealth of knowledge as to what the different types of processes are required for the industry. Check out our industrial blowers for food industry below! Why not browse for an exhaust fan for oven!

Stringent Hygiene

The engineers here at Fans and Blowers understand this industry works within stringent hygiene and other relevant standards and work hard to ensure that all solutions are in keeping with the customer’s needs.

Industrial fans are used across a whole host of machinery in food processing. Stainless steel varieties are favoured due to their hygienic and easy-to-clean material composition. Each application will have its own set of specifications in the design of the full manufacturing system.

Fan Usage

A good example of what our industrial fans are used for in the food industry is Cooling: Industrial fans are used for cooling recently cooked food lines on conveyors and for food storage in industrial refrigeration plants. To optimise the process of cold storage the temperature and humidity level of each point within the room must be maintained to a uniform level. Like many industries, the food processing industry involves a huge array of processes connected to the product. Taking a raw material to a finished product ready to be shipped to the warehouse is the most important aspect of the manufacturing process. This means that the highest standards of food hygiene must be adopted. The components within the manufacturing equipment are not to be overlooked. Without this significant machinery, the food processing industry would not be as efficient as it is now.


Industrial fans are used across a whole host of machinery in food processing. A type of fan used in this industry that we offer is: BSNZ: For medium volume high pressure applications, The BSNZ industrial centrifugal fan range are designed with a fully welded impeller to enable light dust loadings. The BSNZ centrifugal fan can be supplied as both direct drive and belt driven to suit your requirements.

Fans and blowers are experienced working with the food industry and understand the requirement for robust but energy-efficient solutions and applications. This is facilitated by expert advice from our precision engineers on the selection of the correct fan system and ancillary equipment.

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