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What is an axial fan?

Axial fans are a type of fan, produced and manufactured by Fans and Blowers, used for moving air or gas in a specific direction. They belong to the broader category of fans, which are designed to create airflow and ventilation in various applications.

Axial fans are named for the way they move air along the axis of rotation. They consist of a set of blades, typically arranged in a cylindrical or disc shape, and are mounted on a central hub. When the fan is powered on, the blades rotate, drawing air in parallel to the axis and pushing it out in the same direction.

What are axial fans used for?

One key characteristic of axial fans is their ability to generate a high volume of airflow, making them suitable for applications that require moving large volumes of air. They are commonly used in cooling systems, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, industrial cooling towers, computer cooling systems, and automotive engine cooling.

Axial fans come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different airflow requirements. They can be designed as propeller fans, where the blades are similar to those of an aeroplane propeller, or as tube-axial fans, which have the blades enclosed in a cylindrical housing. The fan's performance is influenced by factors such as blade design, rotational speed, and the motor driving the fan.

It's important to note that axial fans are primarily used for moving air or gas in a straight line, without changing the direction significantly. In contrast, centrifugal fans (which we also manufacture), another common type of fan, are more effective in generating higher pressure and changing the direction of airflow.

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  • Flow rates up to 22,500m3/h
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