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What is a Gas booster/exhauster fan?

Gas booster/exhauster fans are mechanical devices used to increase or decrease the pressure of a gas stream. These fans are specifically designed for handling natural gases and are commonly used in industrial applications where there is a need to move or control the flow of gases.

How does a gas booster work?

Gas booster fans, also known as gas boosters or gas blowers, are used to increase the pressure of a gas. They take in a gas stream at a certain pressure and deliver it at a higher pressure. Gas boosters are often employed in systems where the gas needs to be pressurised for various processes, such as gas supply systems, pneumatic conveying systems, and gas compression applications.

Various configurations

Fans and Blowers Gas booster/exhauster fans come in various configurations and designs to meet the specific requirements of different applications. They can be centrifugal fans or positive displacement blowers, depending on the desired operating characteristics and the properties of the gas being handled.

Gas booster/exhauster fans play a crucial role in maintaining and controlling gas flow in industrial processes, enabling efficient gas handling, pressurization, or exhaust as required by specific applications.

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