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An extractor fan or exhaust fan for ovens is necessary to keep any process fumes or smoke from percolating into the wider industrial manufacturing environment from the extraction oven.

Working with oven exhaust in several industries such as bakeries and kilns, Fans and Blowers expert engineers can ensure your requirements are met without compromising oven temperature and effectiveness.

We work closely with our customers to understand their process needs as well as the business goals and vision for their investment and ensure we always meet their demands.

Our QZ Range

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing industrial centrifugal fans to be used for ovens, we have a vast wealth of knowledge as to what the different types of processes are required for this application. A type of fan used for this application that we offer is:

Our QZ range this is for high pressure applications, The QZ range of industrial centrifugal fans is ideal for high-pressure applications. The QZ centrifugal fan can be supplied as both direct drive and belt driven or with thickened casings to achieve lower noise levels.

The QZ range of centrifugal fans can lend itself to a variety of industries and applications. This range can often be seen to support air knives in industries such as food and waste management. This range also suits combustion air applications in cremation, incineration, ovens and kilns. For other and bespoke applications, please get in contact with us.


Exhaust & Extract Fans

Oven exhaust or extract fans are necessary to keep any process fumes or smoke from leeching into the wider manufacturing environment. The oven itself will likely be under positive pressure and an exhaust fan, sized to match the combustion airflow, is required to extract the fumes. The fan however must not be instrumental in reducing the oven temperature and may dictate siting the fan at the cold end of the oven as is done in continuous process ovens.

How are fans and blowers used in ovens?

Fans and blowers are used in ovens to circulate air, maintain consistent temperatures, improve heat distribution, and enhance the overall efficiency of the heating process.

How do your fans and blowers contribute to better performance in ovens?

Our fans and blowers improve oven performance by providing uniform air circulation, reducing hot and cold spots, ensuring consistent cooking or baking results, and enhancing energy efficiency.

What types of fans and blowers are commonly used in ovens?

Common types include axial fans for general air circulation, centrifugal blowers for high-pressure applications, and high-temperature fans designed to withstand the heat generated in industrial and commercial ovens.

Are your fans and blowers suitable for high-temperature environments typically found in ovens?

Yes, our fans and blowers are built with heat-resistant materials and designs to withstand the high temperatures encountered in various oven applications.

How do your fans and blowers help improve energy efficiency in ovens?

Our fans and blowers are engineered for high efficiency, reducing energy consumption by ensuring optimal airflow and heat distribution, which minimises cooking times and enhances overall oven efficiency.


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