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Introducing a world leading axial fan range


Introducing a world leading axial fan range

Available in both direct-drive and belt-drive versions, axial fans are perfect for producing large amounts of air at low pressures and with little noise—a characteristic that is sometimes disregarded when selecting the right fan for the job.

Direct-Driven Axial Fan

Offering benefits comparable to those of belt-driven units, but coming in two variations: the long-cased version, which has the outer casing covering the whole impeller and motor, and the short-cased version, which is designed to allow some of the drive motor to protrude from the casing. Flow rates of up to 
22,500m3/h can be provided by a single unit. Similar to its counterparts, direct driven units are available with a selection of impeller pitch and construction materials, providing excellent versatility for application in a variety of situations.

Impeller size from 315 - 800mm diameter, flow from 1,123 to 22,500 m3/hr.

Belt-Driven Axial Fan

These units are often used when it’s crucial to keep the motor away from the airstream created by the processing of gases. Another benefit is that simplicity of maintenance is guaranteed when the motor location is suitably specified.

With impeller diameters ranging from 315mm - 800mm diameter and transfer rates of up to 22,500m3/h, these machines come equipped with variable, fixed pitch or aluminium blades mounted in a die-cast aluminium hub.


Bifurcated Fan

Bifurcated fans are used in tough environments where a normal axial fan would encounter problems. Both types of direct-drive systems have a central pod with the motor enclosed inside it to allow for effective motor cooling and separated gas flow.

Typically provided in a circular arrangement, with a 22,500m3/h maximum transfer rate. Ideal for transporting or eliminating gases and pollutants at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, with greater temperature units available upon request. Blades for impellers can be either fixed or variable in pitch, and they can be made from a variety of materials. A larger variation of the spinning units that has access to all of its beneficial operating features and complete flexibility in the choice of building materials. Typically supplied in a circular design, but with improved performance that allows for high gas transfer rates.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Tested To the Highest Standards
  • Isolation of motor from heat or contaminations in the airstream


Benefits of Axial Fans

Efficient Airflow enables high performance


Durable Construction

Aluminised construction gives most industrial axial fans their durability, dependability, low weight, and user-friendliness. They are occasionally also made of stainless steel, which improves their performance in challenging conditions.

Variable Speed

Axial flow fans' speeds may be changed to accommodate the demands of exhaust or cooling tower fans. Even if the speed is reduced, the fans will still create a lot of airflow. To counter this, slowing down can directly affect how well fans move air.

Quick Maintenance

Compared to other industrial fans, axial fans are built more simply. These fans feature an uncomplicated, open layout. This makes it easy to find and fix any operational issues. This is one of the factors contributing to the usage of these fans in industrial cooling and exhaust applications.

Improved Parts Lifespan

These fans are lighter and have a smaller footprint than their alternatives, which improves the longevity of various parts. Due to their superior designs and mechanical strength, axial fans often have longer lifespans than other industrial fans.

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