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QZ Centrifugal Fan

Fans & Blowers QZ Centrifugal Fan

QZ Centrifugal Fan

Geared towards high-pressure scenarios

Perfect for high-pressure demands, the QZ series of industrial centrifugal fans excel. The QZ centrifugal fan offers options of both direct drive and belt-driven mechanisms, along with the possibility of reinforced casings to achieve reduced noise levels.

Key Features

• Duties ranging from 0.024 m3/s - 1.7 m3/s.
• Can be designed and manufactured to ATEX certified specifications.
• Range of sizes allows for most industrial needs to be met.
• Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
• Tested to BS 848 / ISO 5801 standards.
• Ancillaries available.


The versatility of the QZ centrifugal fan range makes it suitable for an array of industries and uses. In sectors like food and waste management, it often plays a role in supporting air knives. Moreover, this range is well-suited for combustion air applications in areas such as cremation, incineration, ovens, and kilns. If you have unique or specific requirements, feel free to reach out for tailored solutions.

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